A ballad to Elvis

by Grace Allspach

Its hard, soldier boy, to tell you
All the things there were to say.
I wish that I had met you
Before you went away.

Thereís an empty room at Heartbreak Hotel,
My Wooden Heart is shattered as well.
Thoí youíre gone, youíll always stay
A forget-me-not in my memíry bouquet.

Your Blue Suede Shoes are dusty and worn,
The Old Hound Dog is sad and forlorn
Iím Crying In The Chapel for you each day
As I hold to my breast a memíry bouquet.

Iím Lonesome Tonight, I just canít sleep
The Hurt Iím feeling goes way down deep.
You had to Follow That Dream, fill your pot of gold
You canít Love Me Tender, but youíll never grow old.

My Loveís Unrequited and blue Iíll stay
Like the forget-me-not in my memíry bouquet.

August 1, 2008

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