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... Mirror generates new tete-a-tete hotline--August 2008

from the SilverStringers

Welcome. We're here, writing this column, because Jack Driscoll (former editor of the Boston Globe and the MIT advisor to the SilverStringers), suggested it. As simple as that. Go to Google, he said, and you'll find personal columns lead readership across the nation.

We'll try to give our readers a better look at Melrose stuff. Not deeper, maybe, but more like a view from askew. Like this:

Transistion fails: The Free Press reported this week that about a dozen programs at our town's recreation parks have been cancelled in mid-summer. Like the Mother/daughter movie night, the Father/son movie night ...

All this comes about because of the firing of Recreation Director Chuck Person (booo!) and the rather sudden hiring of a new guy. It seems that in the less-than-happy transistion, no films were ordered nor were the projectors rented. All is not smooth at Mount Hood.

* * *

What Melrose needs is a smoother ride. For the past year or so, local drivers have been bouncing and jouncing all over town, as the DPW works diligently to replace century-old water and sewer pipes. And while the murky bottom of Ell Pond comes precariously close to the surface, a second outlet at the west end is being installed to prevent the flooding that pretty near drowned downtown Melrose during the Mothers' Day Flood of two years ago. The mayor tells us that the worst is over, there is light at the end of the new tunnel. Smooth riding, everybody

* * *

One-man army: Hero first class is Mike Ryan, president of the Friends of the Fells. How this guy puts in so much time trying to keep the developers away -- is beyond me. The battle with the Gutierrez group over the former New England San continues, with the good guys still in the lead. Our park remains pristine.

* * *

Our city remains, meanwhile, an island, nestled between Route One, Route 128 and Route 93. It remains a bastion of Victoriana, free of crass commercialism, shopping malls and jammed-in parking lots. Come to think of it, parking space downtown is getting to be a rare commodity, but that speaks to the health of our merchants and the chamber of commerce.

* * *

Mirror readers -- this is a work in development, a trial balloon, something new for the Melrose Mirror. You are all welcome to contribute ideas, thoughts, funny pieces, just email them along. We're already working on faux pas for the September issue.


August 1, 2008

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