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"Lennie's" lives on ...

Hi Russ,

I really enjoyed reading the recent letter about Lennie's and the original article. I printed them to show my mom. She loved the articles as well and reminded me of our family trip to Lennie's on the Pike.

It was a Sunday afternoon in the late 60's. O.C. Smith had become quite popular with his song,"Little Green Apples". Dad and mom thought that a day at Lennie's would be a great way to introduce us to enjoying live music. So the Elinoff gang went to see O.C. Smith at Lennie's on the Pike. It was a day of awesome music and GREAT BIG FUN!!

Gotta go and read more articles from the Mirror.

Bye Bye....Laurie

More on Lennie's ...


I'm sending this e-mail to you (instead of the editor's basket) because of the short time-frame to the next issue of the Mirror. You may want to consider it for the "Guest Contributor" piece for the next or a subsequent issue. I continue to receive e-mails from all over on my "Lennie's" article in the October 2003 issue of the Mirror. This one is especially good, I think.

I'm going to e-mail Paul and thank him and also tell him I have submitted his e-mail to the Mirror for possible publication. I hope it's OK to do it this way. If we have any problems with it, I bet you can work it all out.

And to Carrol and Joe: Pass this on to Lennie if you can; I'm sure he'll remember the occasion and enjoy Paul's recollections of jazz in the 1960s.

Go Red Sox and D'Backs!

Steve Johnson
The Arizona 'Stringer

Thanks, Dr. Boyd ...

From: Laurie Elinoff
To: edboyd3@comcast.net
Sent: Saturday, August 16, 2008 2:10 AM
Subject: Article in August issue of The Melrose Mirror

Hi Mr. Boyd,

I really enjoyed your article in the August issue --Thoughts.... Your article made me think  about all the mentioned issues, as well. ...Until next time....Laurie-a reader in Baltimore

Quentin Crisp's arrival ...

Hi Carol (a SilverStringer),

I was checking out your site today- very cool and informative. Your readers might be interested to know that Resident Alien, a film about cult figure Quentin Crisp's arrival in New York, is now available to download on iTunes.

About the film - At age 73, Quentin Crisp moved to the States where he became an Englishman in New York. In this film, director Jonathan Nossiter follows Mr. Crisp about the streets of Manhattan, in and out of fantasy and reality, where he seems very much at home, wearing eye shadow, appearing on a makeshift stage, making and repeating wry observations, and dining with friends. Commentary by notable British celebs such as Sting and John Hurt, as well as demi-stars and wannabe Warhol Superstars who know Mr. Crisp, illuminate the life of this effeminate and eccentric fellow. The portrait that emerges is one of absolute wit and of suffering.

Your site is the perfect place to spread the word about something like this, and we would all really appreciate your help in getting out the good news.

If you would like to post a link to the film and help us spread the word, here it is:


September 5, 2008

The dogs of Hesseltine Park

August 3, 2008

To Ms Shirley Rabb, SilverStringer:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your feature entitele, "K-9 action at Hesseltine Park". It is so refreshing to read a dog-friendly article. I am one of the many dog owner who brings his dog to Hesseltine. As you indicate, it's an enjoyable time not only for the dogs, but also for the owners. I find it relaxing chatting with my fellow dog owners, while keeping an eye on our dogs. I also enjoy watching the dogs play together while they get their much-needed exercise.

Thank you again, for the nice piece on the Melrose-Hesseltine dogs. I look forward to talking with you at the park.

Sincerely, Mark Pesanelli (aka Mickey's owner)
K-9 action at Hesseltine Park

Speaking of eugenics ...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Great article,well resourced.
Buck Buchanan.

(Editor's note: The article Mr. Buchanan refers to was written by Stringer John Averell, The end of eugenics

Love your doodles ...

i love your doodles!!  wonderful.......thank you for sharing!

P. Falkner

(Editor's note: Editor Don Norris is the doodler. He has two articles that may have generated P. Falkner's praise: The Joy of Being an Artist and Try Doodling. Both were published in 2004 and can be viewed by going to "Previous Issues" on the Front Page).

Sidewheelers and ferries ...

Hi, I lived in Winthrop and rode the Brewster many times. What were the name of some of the other side wheelers? I heard one of them was sold and used in S America. Is that true?

jay mac donald

Okay Jay, Here's what I say... since no one else has volunteered to enlighten you about your inquiry re: Easta Bos ferries. The Google lead probably refers to at least one article written by an associate and editor, Ella Letterie. She died last December, but her writings linger on in our files. You may access her articles by clicking on 'Who We Are' at the top left of our Front Page. Scroll down to her name and click on her photo. Voila! There is a list of all she wrote.

I was there a while ago and found she wrote an article, i.d. 3184, published 11/5/99 'East Boston Ferry' which you click on and get what she wrote. In my perusal I saw no other reference, but maybe I missed something. At least you know now how to navigate in our files and you are welcomed to roam endlessly. In our twelve years of existence, most of our stuff is there, except for a loss in a crash.

Our website: http://melrosemirror.media.mit.edu
Russ Priestley, One of the editors
East Boston Ferry

On Belgian Sheepdogs ...


I have an AKC registered Belgian Sheepdog (Terverne) about a year and a half old. We need to find her a good home where she can roam and herd sheep. Can you get me in touch with a sheep herder in Unalaska, where we currently live?

Jim Thrash

Jim, You are not bothering us. We were surprised and pleased to receive a letter from an area from which we had not been contacted previously. I've been an editor for eleven of our twelve years, and I don't recall any reference to your area. We have a herd of contributors, all with a Melrose connection, so I can't recall all of the previously printed articles.
Since you stated you would like to have your dog remain in Unalaska, we are helpless. We do wish that you can find a suitable home for the dog and all of us thank you for your inquiry.

The Mirror staff

What's new about my old house? ...

From: Erickson, Lisa M.
Sent: Monday, September 08, 2008
Subject: Looking for information on my home

Hi there, I am new to Melrose and recently bought 18 South Ave with my
husband -- I am trying to find out more information on my house and
thought to look to the historic society. We've already found a newspaper
from 1897 in the house and wondered if there are some records or photos
somewhere that might give us more information about our home, what it used
to look like, etc.

Thank you,
Lisa Erickson

From: "Russ Priestley"
To: "Erickson, Lisa M."
Sent: Monday, September 08, 2008

Welcome to our fair city... be sure to visit the Victorian Fair, September
14. We have a Historical Society, but I have never had much luck getting
info from them. I would say your best bet to start is the Main Library on
West Emerson Street. They are not only very accommodating, but they have
our hometown newspaper on microfilm. I won't say they could find a photo

of your house, but they'll certainly try. Some of our realtors do have
photos of old Melrose homes.

One of the editors.

All about caning canoes...

September 4, 2008:

I'm wondering if you do caning for people other than your group?
I was canoeing with my kids this weekend and one of them ripped a
seat that is caned. It is roughly 12" X 10". I can remove the seat and
deliver it if possible. Please let me know.

Thank you,
Keith Durkee

September 4, 2008: The caning class is for instruction only and held every Thursday at 9am. It is possible one of the students, or the instructor would like to accommodate you. I can't answer for them. All of the students are independently wealthly, but I think one of them would bend over backwards to help a guy in a canoe with no seat. (Was the culprit really one of the kids)?

Perhaps Jack Beckley, the major domo, will relay this to the caners, if

Russ Priestley, an editor of the Melrose Mirror

September 5, 2008:
I will be glad to see if anyone can cane the seat. They meet on
Thursday mornings, so I'll get back to you next week.

Jack Beckley, director, Melrose Council on Aging

The bomber crash
Subject: The day the bomber crashed at Mt. Hood - Melrose Mirror article
Date: Sunday, September 28, 2008 5:08 PM

I just saw this article today on-line and wanted to respond.

(Click here for the article by Jeanne Shanklin in the October 2007 issue)

Not sure if anyone will get this e-mail or if the woman who
witnessed the crash and wrote the piece can be contacted.

My father, Tech Sergeant Frederic J Paquin (Radio engineer and gunner) was a survivor of that plane crash.
He told us numerous stories of his service years, and that specific flight that ended
in tragedy, with his friend Major Doak Weston dying in the crash.

I have numerous articles and reports, flight records from 1942 thru 1945, and his service medals
in my possession. I also wrote a piece on the fateful flight of the B-25 Bomber
on that day. I have perspective of knowing the activity inside the plane on routine trips,
the banter and comradery of the crew. They often took along a dog, and would
give it oxygen when forced to higher altitudes in weather reconnaissance missions.

If someone has an interest in running a piece regarding that air crash,
or simply discussing it, I can be contacted at this e-mail address below or at:


Thank You.
David R Paquin
Amherst NH

October 3, 2008

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