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... breaking non-news on the home front -- September 2008

from the SilverStringers

THAT'S SILVERSTRINGER Tom Dillon, dog-talking with a buddy at the Veterans' facilities in nearby Bedford last week. Tom is one of a dozen vets (of all wars, some of no wars) who take computer and photography lessons -- to stay sharp, even in his 80's. His favorite pasttime: Fishing in Melroses's Ell Pond, where (he says) the fishing is, ahhh, great.

... on beaches in Maine

We went to the beach in York Harbor, Maine last week, in August. I believe the water temperature was somewhat above freezing, although none of us stayed in for more than a couple of minutes. Those very rock-strewn beaches, however, provide the most beautiful scenery ever -- the place is a photographer's dream.

Our destination was Nubble Light -- officially known as the Cape Neddick Lighthouse -- for several days of just relaxing with our family.

Nubble Light Station was built in 1879, with a bell that was rung continuously during bad weather. The light was automated in 1987, and the bell was replaced with a fog horn. The tower sits on a small rock island, separated from the mainland by a mere 50 feet. Access is by aerial cable car.

... Marion is missing

The mailman (just plain Bill) rang the doorbell this morning. He said that Marion's mail (two houses down) was piling up, and did my wife know about this situation?

Yes, she said, Marion is in New York for a class reunion, and she is doing well. Now that's what I call being neighborly, when the mailman watches out for you. What a nice guy.

... Kathleen needs nuzzling

Stringer Jerry Norton's wife will have hip surgery soon, somewhere in Washington state. All you church-goers are asked to say a prayer for Kathleen, and you other folks can send soothing supporting messages via mental telepathy. Or email. kfnorton@msn.com

... beer and wine in MELROSE!???

Three decades ago Melrose voters agreed to let local restaurants (with at least 100 seating capacity) serve beer and wine. Now the mayor (and chamber of commerce) want to drop the level to 50 -- there is even the possibility of allowing three (only three) grocery stores to sell beer and wine. How modern we are getting to be. Soon Melrose will be known as "that great Victorian town that serves beer and wine." Oooph da.

... where's Swain's Pond?

Anybody vaguely connected with Melrose knows where Swains Pond is. It's where we all swam illegally, in the wooded southeast corner of town -- you just go out Beech Ave, take a right on Swains Pond Avenue, and a half mile down, there's the pond. At this point, you can take a left on Swains Pond Avenue -- or a right, maybe. Perhaps a straight? Try a left ... but don't go south, because that may be Dexter Road. And the Swains Pond Avenue to the east is probably Penny Road. Anyway, you'll see the pond -- just don't confuse it with Towners Pond, which is on Swains Pond Avenue. Am I right?

... it's all relative

... and while you are up on Swain's Pond Avenue, trying to figure out which way to turn, look for the house at number 487. SilverStringer Steve Johnson's great-grandfather built that house in the late 1800s. Benjamin and Margaret Elizabeth Reed Beshong lived there until they passed away in the 1920s. As far as we know, no ghosts have been reported there... yet.

(Editor's note: Steve [at left] is the Mirror's foreign correspondent for the entire state of Arizona ... plus northern Mexico, western New Mexico, southeast California and southern Utah.)

September 5, 2008

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