Ed Boyd's inner sanctum

... continuing series on Stringers' workspace

from the SilverStringers

Ed Boyd is a good, but very deep, writer. He's one of our PhD's -- John Averell is the other one.

And so psychologist Ed prefers to answer questions with a question. "What does he really want to say," he'll ask, "what is the point he's hiding?" Yes, he's a philosopher and an educator, and the SilverStringers are lucky to have him.

We expected something really deep with his photo of his workspace. Maybe a complete wall of leather-bound books with Chaucer, Shakespeare, some of the great Irish writers -- but no, all we see is one small, partially-filled bookcase. No charts on the wall, no framed diplomas, no blue ribbons for successful philosophizing ...

We anticipated huge piles of papers, stacks of documents, a messy tin can with a hundred different writing implements. But no, his place looks like -- well, like most of the other workspace samples our members have turned in.

We can't say we're disappointed, for Ed will ask what we really mean. He looks at things differently than most of us. And thank goodness for that. Sometimes we get in a rut. But his cubby looks like a lot of others, not much unique there, no huge bank of computers, no electronic diagnosis machines, not much more that a standard old computer.

But that's okay. It's the quality of the product that counts, and in our case, it's the stories he (and we) all write. Anyway, this is Dr. Ed's computer place.

Editor's note: Two other entries in the workspace competition are:

Don Norris' workspace

Tom Dillon's workspace

November 7, 2008

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