Random Thoughts

Open mike at the Beebe

... I remember, from September: ten minutes, open forum

by Carol Nelson

According to my calculations... you can't get very far on Social Security these days. I'm not complaining, mind you... life is pretty good. But I can't afford to travel anymore.

If I follow the doctor's advice, walking a few miles each day, I might get to Florida by 2012... That would be nice.

Is it too late for me to think about POTENTIAL at almost 70? I remember Ruth Gordon won her Oscar at 80... As she accepted it she said "This is SO encouragin'!"

Every New Years Eve and most every birthday I make a list of my aspirations for the FUTURE. What I'd like to accomplish, have, find, buy, grow, make, learn, be and CHOOSE. CHOICE is always important for Women at EVERY stage. I am definitely PRO CHOICE.

I've made pie charts of my life. Approximately 20 year slices are prevalent... but how many of those can you have? I'm running out of pie. My servings are smaller though sometimes quite sweet.

October 3, 2008

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