Random Thoughts

Harvest moon over Cottage Street

... an essay: Thoughts on a quiet night

by Joanne Olsen Imbracsio

A quiet night, a sky that is bright, a few clouds drifting slowly by overhead.

I had worked that day, went to writing class, and back to work. In work, we laughed.

Everyone who stepped through the door, seemed to have an attitude, some were grouchy.

Others who are normally quiet, talked non-stop. The night before there had been a full moon. It is a known fact; people’s spirits (actually their body fluids) rise with the moon, just as the tides do in the ocean. Work with the public, you will notice mood changes in people.

Dinner and coffee with friends, we looked out the window and watched the moon rise as darkness fell, a full harvest moon.

Must have made my spirits rise as well. Tired as I was, sleep would not come, a million thoughts raced through my mind. Reflections on my day, thoughts of my daughter in Virginia, was she okay? Lora is ill and going through a divorce, we talk every other day, I had not heard from her in three days.

I read my book, tried my hand at writing an article for next week’s writing class.

Watched TV, nothing seemed to work. In a final attempt to make myself tired, I got up. Put on sweat pants, a sweatshirt and jacket, took my camera, my keys, cassette player and headed out for a walk.

Three AM in the morning, streets quiet, stars shining through misty, floating clouds.

The full, fall harvest moon high above, shining bright and luminous. I walked, marveling at the beauty and peacefulness of nature. Pulled out my camera and took some shots of the moon and also of some flowers in the moonlight.

As I walked, the tensions of the day left and as I returned home, I felt relaxed and knew that sleep would come, and sure enough, had the best three hours sleep ever.

The beauty of nature had soothed my worried spirit; it is at times like this, that I know there is a god and we have angels watching over us.

Today I awoke to the phone ringing, it was my daughter, Lora, she is doing as well as possible.

We made plans for me to take another trip to Virginia to see her, before the snow flies.

So, if you have trouble sleeping, and the moon is full, take a walk and bet when you come back, sleep will come, better than counting sheep.

October 3, 2008

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