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Our Guest Writer in Australia

Lynne McPherson

We gained a believer. Lynne, in Australia (this month's Guest Writer for the
Mirror) was not convinced when I asked her to be our guest. Oh, ye of little

She writes,


I seriously cannot believe you have put my article in your newsletter.
That is so very lovely of you. You told me you were going to do it but I
was really not banking on it happening. Not meaning to offend you - just
did not want to get excited about it at all in case it did not happen.
How truly lovely of you. Thank you for even considering me as part of
your very precious group.

I shall sit down tomorrow and read the other articles. I feel rather
gobsmacked, to say the least. Thank you again.

I do hope we can continue to email each other. You seem such a lovely
character. A genuine person who has been through some very tough times
and has come out the other side. I am so very surprised you did not
suffer some form of depression, denial, questioning of self, etc. Truly
remarkable. Your are a very strong individual who has put his family first.

It is really late - early morning in fact. Have just spent a day at
Firecom learning yet another feature of Fire Control.

I shall not talk about my family life tonight with you. Would just like
to savour the joy you have just given me. Thank you again. You have truly
made my day.


Kindest regards


P.S. Visited my friend in the Writer's Group who has MS. She has taken a
turn for the worse. I could not stop crying after I left her. What a
horrible condition for any human being to suffer. It must have been so
hard for you seeing your wife suffer so much. My friend, Barbara does
not have a husband.

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