A workspace without a computer!?

... Stringer makes art in senior housing

by Carol Nelson

Editor's note: In the on-going saga of workspaces -- a project that began four months ago -- we come to Carol Nelson, one of our steadiest and most social-minded writers. Here's what she writes:

Enclosing photo that my daughter, Laura, took of my "work space" for the Mirror. I only have one room at the Levi Gould building and it takes up one wall. There is no computer as you can see.
I go across the street to the Milano (Senior Center), to the library or to my daughter's. That works out just fine.

The space is used for writing, sewing, collage-making and all sorts of tacky projects. I created the background out of three bamboo "legs" supporting lattice (which I painted) because I am unable to paint or otherwise change the off-white walls. It is handy for tucking in cards or interesting images that collect until I make a collage of them.

All best wishes.
Carol Nelson

Don Norris' workspace

Tom Dillon's workspace

Ed Boyd's workspace

December 5, 2008

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