Short Poems 1993

... over the years

by Carol Nelson


    Leaving Poem

For a while,
I leave behind,
TV control and the New York Times.
The daily ritual of exposed hate and crimes,
I leave the comfort, bed and bath,
The suchness that is Huron Ave.
I leave the safety net of family,
The predictable and auspicious.
The ghost of love and friendship,
The laundry and the dishes.
Not just living but ALIVE,

Alert the Media...Channel 5.

    A  Trip to Spain

The  rapid pulse of Barcelona's city Ramblas,
Sends me north,
Through Rosa and Figuris,
Origin of Salvador Dali.
Horrifying hairpin turns descend,
To a calm seaside fishing village,
Where a white steepled church still
Chimes the hour and time just melts away
On the rocks of Cadaquay.

February 6, 2009

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