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The following is a response from a classmate to letters in the January 2009 edition about John Averell's article (click here) on his English teacher, Mr. Adams.

Dear John,

Thanks for publishing correspondence from Peg Adams Lewis, Christopher Adams' daughter.  I sent her a short essay about my memories of her father, my most memorable teacher who had a big influence on me.  Peg and I shared some memories of Darien.

She said, in one of her e-mails, that her family had lived on the grounds of the former Fitch Old Soldiers Home.  I shared with her my connection, via you, with Jerry Norton, who had been stationed there during WW II when it was a naval school for radio operators.

Anyway, we had some fun reminding each other of neighborhoods in Darien, etc.  It turned out that she too had attended Camp Francis, as I had, which is located here in Kent, owned by the Stamford Area Girl Scouts Council but no longer an operating camp.

I am in contact now and then with other classmates who have mentioned Mr. Adams and I hope to encourage them to send their memories of Mr. A. to Peg.

I missed the letter in the January issue about Mr. A. but am so glad I learned about Peg's desire to write a memoir of her father.

Happy and healthy 2009,
Charlotte Irving Lindsey
PS I remember when you were editor of our yearbook.
When I think back to yearbook days, I realize what a good preparation that was for learning how to organize material and work to deadline. I hadn't really thought of it in relation to this Melrose Mirror thing, but it all fits in.

And here are pictures of Charlotte and me from the 1952 Dariannus yearbook:

February 6, 2009

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