Snow, snow beautiful snow

... I have so much fun

by Casa

I know that my parents want me to walk on the road that has been plowed. But what is the fun in that when snow banks await.  

I need to check out the sites of other "yellow snow" to see how many of my friends have come this way before me.

Although I am only 1 foot tall I do not mind the snow on my belly. I enjoy plowing into the soft snow and then swishing myself off at the feet of my parents. I know when I get home there will be a warm pillow in my bed and I can rest and dream of my day of fun.

Sometimes in the house in Maine I sense the presence of larger animal outdoors. My parents call these beautiful creatures deer and their tracks are all around. Here, the snow is piled high from plowing and I can climb the mountains of packed snow to see across the next lot and out to the lake. When I get out to do my business, I rush over the hill to follow the scents but to no avail.

I have seen these deer but have never caught up to one, and I probably never will. They are swift and I am short.

It is such fun!

We never had snow in Puerto Rico where I was born. Although I have been here for seven years I still marvel at the changing seasons and how beautiful the snow falls are. What a joy to be able to sit on the back of the sofa and watch the flakes knowing that tomorrow I will have a new path to make, even if it is only in the back yard. These will be my tracks and my winter playground in Melrose.

February 6, 2009

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