Random Thoughts


... please.

by Carol Nelson

I don't know HOW She did it. Did She put on her fluffy slippers and rest after a week of creating? Or did She just get all comfy and watch it all roll on from the first BIG BANG She provoked? Nobody I know was there to see it.

Is it a sin to characterize the nature of God? Didn't we always do that: the long white beard, the macho sternness ... the punishment. Before man imagined God in the image of himself, He was characterized as a woman: fertile and giving. Or as the Sun rising like magic every morning, blessing the entire world in warm rays of sunshine.

Ideas change. I read that millions of years passed before the first tiny blossom opened. Diamonds and precious stones were squeezed from carbons and heavy minerals after millions of years. Oil, as well.

Fish actually crawled out of the waters and walked on the earth. Reptiles learned to fly! It's true. Science says.

Change happens. We voted for change, many of us. And changes we did not want have been on the way for some time. Winter goes and spring arrives. We go on.

How will we change? What are we becoming? When will we make our leap?

April 3, 2009

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