Bonnie Moore's magic eye

... each photo is a study

Photos by Bonnie herself

Bonnie Moore, who has lived in Melrose for the past 17 years, is an outstanding amateur/sometime professional photographer. She has that magic eye to see beauty that may not be so obvious to others. Further, she has been a SilverStringer for two years and will be part of the Stringer Photo Team that is being re-born this Spring.

These two photos are a recent sample of her work. She was visiting her sister in Stow, Mass., in October, and while out looking for frogs with her young nephews she took the shot of the lilly pond. "But I never thought there were so many different kind of frogs," she said. "We saw at least four that afternoon."

The fuscia rhododendron blossom was growing in Milford, New Hampshire, when Bonnie was house-sitting for friends. On both these occasions she came home with a pile of digital photos, all of which she runs through one of the photo-editing programs.

The photo team includes Stringers Louise Fennell, Tom Dillon, Bonnie, and Don Norris.

April 3, 2009

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