Where on Earth are we?

... Today we're in Melrose. Guess where ...

from the SilverStringer photo team

No hints this time, for this is an easy one.

It's all about a new feature in the Mirror, appropriately labeled (you guessed it) "Where on Earth are we?". Each issue our photo team will have a new photo of somewhere in town, perhaps a popular spot, maybe some little hidden corner, maybe a close-up of some popular spot.

In fact, as a twist, we have a new trick in mind: You'll have to guess NOT where the picture is, but from where the photo was taken.

As for supplying the answers to our picture-puzzles, you'll just have to read it in the following month's issue of The Mirror. But then, that'll give you enough time to solve our puzzle.

Are you with us? The answer to last month's puzzle -- there wasn't one. But this April Where-about Puzzler is pretty much a gimmie. We even left in a street sign.

PS: If you're really stuck on Where On Earth we are, the answer will be published with the May issue of "Where on Earth ..." In the meantime, keep looking, for Melrose is really a very handsome, wholesome town. It is very, very American.

April 3, 2009

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