The Conversation with Him

By Grace Allspach

I had a talk with God, today.
Itís been some time since I knelt to pray.
He didnít ask me where Iíd been,
But seem to be pleased I had called on Him.
ďFatherĒ, I said, ďIíve been so wrong;
In so many ways, for oh, so long.
My heart and my eyes, Iíve closed them tight
To those things acceptable in thy sight.
After I had professed to be
Faithful and true, to believe in Thee.
Yet, you never stopped Your watchful care;
I knew that You were always there.
All that I have has come from Thee,
Oh, God, You have been good to me.
Iíve been ungrateful, my patience is gone.
Please give me the strength I need to go on.
I know I sound selfish, others have need
Of Your time and blessings, but, oh God, I plead
For You to forgive me the wrongs I have done,
These things I ask in the name of Thy Son.Ē
When my prayer was finished there came to me
A feeling of warmth and serenity
For God had a talk with me today,
And I listened to all He had to say.

He said, ďYouíre trying to atone
For all your sins, youíre not alone.
Iíve seen everything youíve done;
But you know, youíre not the only one.
There are many who call on Me
To help them cross lifeís stormy sea.
Youíre troubled now, you have a doubt
Of the way you are living, and you want out.Ē
He spoke with understanding and love,
Why had I waited for help from above?
ďYour life, ď He said, ďhasnít all been bad,
Youíve done some good, donít be so sad.
The pathways of life donít always run true;
And the road you travel is up to you.
Iíve shown you the way, the truth and the light,
Now, itís up to you to do that which is right.
You have another chance, dear one,
To right your wrongs, to get things done.
My love and care Iíve shown for you.
Give some to others, show Me you do
Have the same feelings for your fellow man:
I know that youíll do the best you can.Ē
I whispered ďAmenĒ, as I started to cry.
Yes, we talked together, my God and I.

April 3, 2009

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