Random Thoughts

Cell phones are so annoying...

... I could just scream!!!

by Bonnie L. Moore

It is almost a necessity to own a cell phone in today’s society since there are hardly any working payphones around in case of an emergency. I purchased a “pay-as-you-go” phone last year and use it when I need to while I am in the community. I do however, have some issues about how other people use and abuse their cell phones. (Everyone that knows me knows that I hate the way people use cell phones).

Some people who use cell phones are rude and disregard others around them. They talk to their friends and family too loudly and often in inappropriate places.  They hold up lines at supermarkets. They hold up traffic and even get into car accidents. They set their ring tones to loud and annoying music and other annoying beats.

I’ve heard cell phones ringing at meetings, in rest rooms, in restaurants, in supermarkets, at banquet halls, at the library, at banks, and other inappropriate places. And people are still answering them with a resounding and loud “HELLOO!!" Don’t they know how rude and disruptive that is? I attend CHURCH and STILL heard a phone ringing (isn’t anything sacred anymore?).  

Some people have a “walky-talky” type of cell phone (When you hear the WHOLE conversation on both sides and the annoying loud “ker-plinck” between them). Don’t they know that we can hear their whole conversation? Do they care?

Then there are the people who ignore their loud ringing cell phones. It rings five or six times then stops and two or three minutes later just starts up again. It happened the other day while I was shopping at a thrift store. I wanted to scream “ANSWER THE PHONE OR SHUT IT OFF!!!!” (I guess I am super-sensitive to loud noises).

Did you notice that many people talk or answer their cell phones while trying to pay for items in a store? It happens ALL the time to the person in front of me.  It delays me in the store while they are chatting away. I take a deep breath and think of a faraway tropical island (without cell phones of course).

The bottom line here is that some people are just not thinking about others around them when they are doing these things. Be courteous. Think of others around you. Put the volume down on the cell phones. When you go into a meeting or to the library or someplace a cell phone should be shut off -- please put the cell phone on vibrate or shut it off. Be respectful. (Like at church -- I am sure the pastor or priest will be grateful too).  

You know, there was a time when we did live without cell phones and it was quite peaceful.

April 3, 2009

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