Random Thoughts

A quiet moment by the sea

... a pause to reflect

by Ann Robbins Talbot

I wish everyone could have this experience a quiet, reflective moment free from the busy-ness of the everyday world.

I am at a retreat center in Maine at the end of winter, on the third day of spring.

Through my window I see ocean blue, wide, moving toward the shore in rolls of white foam.

Between myself and the sand is scrub, not yet leafed out, with silvery branches defined by the sunshine.

Birds flit across my line of vision not the usual squawking seagulls of summer, but the shiny blackbirds showing off the red and gold spots on their wings.

And then a robin, the first I have seen this season, hops across the brown grass -- perhaps surprised by the mound of snow left from a late storm.

The gentle sound of the surf is suddenly accompanied by music, not exactly a chant, more like a hum sweet, harmonious, worshipful.

I am privileged to be sitting here, basking in the Creative Force that brought me to life and included me in the beauty of the universe.

May 1, 2009

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