City of Homes

Cast offs at Mount Hood

... this beautiful park strewn with trash

by Len Dalton

These 40 years walking at Mount Hood Park, I have found evidence of vandalism in abundance. On the 13th fairway for several years some fan of 'Smirnoff Ice' found it convenient to cast off his empties. Not here and there but, in groups of eight to 12 at a time! In all cases I picked them up in a plastic bag I always bring for that purpose.

Three years ago I found a plastic keg with box left on the fairway along with three dozen or so yellow plastic cups strewn all about. Those I organized and Mike, the Superintendant, picked them all up.

Three of us found early one morning a matter of three cases of beer cans between the 7th and 8th fairways. We organized them all and, once again, Mike picked them up. The sand trap on the 'playing fields' seems a favorite spot for drinking; obviously by minors who seek privacy knowing the police are not likely to check the remote area out. They have often left broken glass whiskey bottles there which I have endeavored to remove thereby protecting dogs and dog walkers.

Were these recalcitrant vandals to think that police might appear on the scene, I suspect there would be far less vandalism. That is up to the Melrose Police Department. I hope they give it some attention.

May 1, 2009

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