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... poking my finger in the Pope's eye

by Carol Nelson

I have become accustomed to scanning The Metro, the award winning, world-wide free newspaper, while enjoying my morning Maxwell House instant. Last week there was a miniscule blurb about a man who has had a second baptism. Why on earth would anyone get baptised twice? Not to be twice blessed it turns out, but to cancel out the first one!

It is his belief that no baby is born into this world with the "stain" of "original sin" on his soul. "Original" meaning first .. not unique.

In the 1960's after being delivered of each of five children, I remember being in a big hurry to take each of them to church lest they die without these rites and be forever cast into Limbo. No kidding ...  without the pouring on of water and being promised to the church I was taught that they would never "see the face of God." All people born before Christ were considered by the church to be in Limbo. Also, I was in a hurry to be blessed myself after delivery because women were considered "unclean" after childbirth and taboo, required "churching"... less than fifty years ago.

I was a devoted believer and so were other Catholics of this period. Is this dogma still believed?

May 1, 2009

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