Count the volunteers --

... for it's the volunteers that count

from the SilverStringers

Volunteer Portrait taken May 12, 2009

In May, the Council on Aging held its Volunteer Appreciation Program for the 117 folks that volunteered their services this past year. Shown in the top left image is Pat Boyer, who runs the Center's Book Club and is a student in the Art Workshop. Below her (L-R) are Dorothy Chiappini, lunch program volunteer, and guest Joanne Diana, who attends bingo and other Center activities. Pictured on the right is one of the entertainers, John Murphy, of Humor Talks.  

In the photo on the left participating in one of the stress-reduction exercises are (L-R) Rita Quinn Dietrich, President of the Melrose Friends of the Aging, Ellie Forrest, Center volunteer, Dorothy Chiappini, lunch program volunteer, Dorothy O'Tolle, newsletter helper, and guest Joanne Diana. In the center photo is the back of the lovely head of our very own SilverStringer and newsletter volunteer Natalie Thomson. On the right is Richard Mallon, a member of the Melrose Friends of the Aging.

Pictured (L-R) trying an optical illusion trick are Margaret McCarte, Center volunteer, Jeanne Beck, lunch program volunteer and COA executive director Jack Beckley.

The entertainment has given everyone a good laugh. Ann Murphy of Humor Talks.

Pictured on the left are COA chair person Eileen Olsen (L) and Rita Quinn Dietrich enjoying a laugh. In the center is Pat Boyer and on the right is Monique Hardy, lunch program volunteer.

John Murphy has the full attention of his audience of about 65 people.

Shown (L-R) having a good time are guests Jean Awiszus, Jane Miliotis and Joanne Diana.

In photo on the left is Barbara Bernardi, new Coordinator of Volunteers and organizer of Friday afternoon Bingo. On the right is Jack Beckley, COA executive director.

In photo on right, (L-R) are Lea Shea, newsletter volunteer, and George Nelson Torrey, COA board member. In photo on left are (L-R) two flu clinic volunteers Anna Santorelli and Eudy Langille. The gentlemen in the center could not be identified.

All photos by Don Norris

June 5, 2009

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