Random Thoughts

Reality TV

... what is real?

by Carol Nelson

Bill Cosby had a funny skit about children listening to a frightening radio show. Maybe you remember when folks sat transfixed, staring at a wooden box, listening, leaning forward in their chairs to get every word. These kids were just like that -- holding their breaths in anticipation and horror until someone turned the knob to off. CLICK!

It wasn't real. Maybe you search through the hundreds of TV channels, as I do, looking for something real. TV is a distraction from almost everything real. Even if you never settle on anything, there is the changing from one channel to the next. On and on. A barrage of sounds and images that is probably not very good for adults and likely adding to the problem of short attention span of children. Perhaps it is even a new "opiate of the masses" taking my attention from all the real things I might otherwise be attending to -- like what is happening NOW, in my life, to me. To you.

There are a couple of programs that entice me -- nothing that opens with a cadaver, mind you. For me TV is furniture a lot of the time or even what computer enthusiasts call "wallpaper." I wonder whether the computer will really become the primary source of news or whether it will keep that glitzy look of Fox TV -- so unreal. Click!

June 5, 2009

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