A welcome guest

... an annual event

Ann Robbins Talbot

There she is at the front door,
Dressed in green dotted with yellow.
I had been expecting her
But her arrival date was vague.
As she steps over the threshold
The house is filled with sweet fragrance
Not a new designer perfume
But nature at its very best
Woody yet flowery, warm yet damp
Filling my home with cheerfulness.

I was glad to see her sister
Standing here a few months before
Robed in white with crystal jewels
Bright and sparking, full of ginger.
I bade her to come in quickly
So I could close the door at once.
But her darker moods got me down
And she overstayed her welcome.
I become a better hostess
To a calm quieting presence.

Springtime is a most welcome guest
Replacing Winter in my life.

June 5, 2009

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