Random Thoughts

The little leather jacket

... taking a chance

by Carol Nelson

It was a small boy's leather jacket, a bit worn in. It was in a pile of clothing destined for the Good Will collection when I spotted it. I was "living in" with the family of a TV mogul at the time. The jacket was embroidered on the back with Sesame Street characters: Bert, Ernie and Elmo, as I recall. TV icons to be sure.

It had been tossed aside--well, almost. I couldn't resist it. It was sure to fit my grandson who would treasure it (and me.) So I pinched it. It was wrong.

I had barely presented the jacket to my happy grandson when the question came: "Did you happen to see that little leather jacket anywhere? I promised it to the Channel 2 Raffle." "What!?"

So I confessed, got it back and returned it with a red face. How embarassing.

But wait! Here comes the cool part of this sad little tale: The owner had a kind heart. She bought me one raffle ticket in a sweet gesture of forgiveness and yes, you guessed it. I won!

August 7, 2009

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