Random Thoughts

Reality TV II

... the withdrawal

Carol Nelson

Yes! I dumped my TV set and what a relief. No longer will I have to endure commercial after commercial, mostly for pills for one disease after the next. Lots of diseases and lots of side effects which the FDA suggests people take more notice.  It seemed as though TV was cutting my life into segments. Segments of time. 9:00 had turned into Ellen o'clock, 10:00 Martha o'clock, 4:00 was of course Oprah o'clock. Some might be thinking: Wheel (Of Fortune) or Family Feud time. TV was programming my time. Time in a box.

My first TV experience was with "Howdy Doody". An innocent dalliance you might think but as I sat in a neighbor's darkened livingroom, barely enduring the unblinking test pattern, I was hooked. TV was LIVE. And in those days there was a serious half hour of news when children were getting ready for bed. But like the story of Pandora, it got out of the box! News is now SHOWTIME!

Time comes in increments. The amount of time between programs used to be barely enough to run to the kitchen for ice cream and two spoons. Now you needn't hurry yourself. Time has been repackaged.

But my romance is over and I am curious to see how it will change my life to have a large plant where the TV was. I thought I must surely be the ONLY person on the planet to dump their television set but I Googled it and found that I was the #806,319th person to investigate this. It turns out that I am not alone. Some people gave reasons for doing so: "to gain a more balanced perspective", "to eliminate the 'shrine' in the livingroom", "To make choices about my time", " to stop being brain washed", "so I can get things done." Some were irate and left these remarks: "TV is a weapon of mass destruction!","Kill your TV!","Turn off and exercise" and "If you want reality go outside."

July 3, 2009

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