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Joe Sullivan's article on the Glyptotek Museum in Denmark was most interesting and makes me want to visit Denmark. My wife and I always head for Italy, France, Scotland and Ireland when visiting Europe but Joe's description of the the museum and it's treasures incites a desire to visit Denmark. He should receive a commission from the Danish Tourism Board.

Joe's other article on my favorite spot, Mount Hood, makes me wonder what the future brings for a great spot. I grew up just over the line in Malden on Lebanon St. and spent many hours at Mount Hood in all seasons.

Bob Dunn, Rye, NH


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From: Zawodniak, David A.
To: melrose@media.mit.edu
Sent: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 5:07 AM
Subject: Permanently Deleting Email
I would like to permanently delete email from my inbox rather than moving them to the "Deleted Items" folder & then deleting them.
I believe a control key combo performs this task, but I can not locate it.

David,  There may be other ways but the one I use is simple. Highlight the email listing, then use the Shift key AND Delete key. When you do so, you will get a popup box asking you, "Are you sure you want to permanently delete this message?" Click on Yes. It's gone.
To Delete more than one message at a time, hold down the Control key as you highlight. When you've chosen the unwanted, Shift and Delete. Presto! They are all gone in one fell swoop. and your trash basket remains empty.
The Mirror

Sent: Tuesday, June 23, 2009 5:33 PM
Subject: to enlarge font
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       sir, i am 94 yrs but not lacking in reading instructions.

       i have tried every one of the indications to obtain the above,

       but no success..   your help appreciated. fred   chilliwack. bc canada

                                                                                                                               Hi Fred,

Congratulations... willing to tackle a computer at 94. There are probably several ways to enlarge your font. I'll mention just two. I'll presume you are using Windows. Look back to where I've typed your name and you will see right above it the name of the type font which you chose...Arial.  I clicked on the small arrow on the right side of the next box and made the size 12 point... so this is 12 point Arial.

Another way is to click on 'View' on the top bar, then scroll down to 'Text Size'. Click there and you'll receive a list from 'Largest to Smallest'.  Make your choice by clicking.

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