Where on earth are we now ?

... lots of action for a nice Sunday drive

from Tom Dillon and Don Norris

Oh oh. Upside down. The pix -- it's upside down. But then,
what difference? Actually we did that to confuse and befuddle
you, our readers.

It's right side up at the end of this story, which is the
fifth in Mirror series on "Where on earth are we today?" Some
background: Ace photog Tom Dillon (and his wife Mary) were
about to fly to Ireland a couple of weeks ago, so Tom had his
grandson along with him doing various pre-flight errands. He
thought it would be thrill for the boy, who had never done
this before.


If you get stuck on the location and function of this Melrose
place, you'll have to wait until the August issue for the

As for the solution to the Where Are We in the June issue,
that path, which Tom photographed coming and going, is a
right of way from West Emerson to Ell Pond Park. And don't be
afraid to write to us -- we're always looking for obscure
spots that people see every day.



June 3, 2009

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