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The 2nd Auxiliary "Mash" Team

... 1944: paths may have crossed under Nazi bombardment

by Jim Driscoll

To the editors -

I have been reading with interest World War II stories published in the "Melrose Mirror". I believe I was in the first group of surgical teams that went to Europe in September of 1942. The Group consisted of three surgeons and three surgical technicians. We first went to Ireland for six weeks of training and then left for the invasion of North Africa in November of 1942. I was part of the Second Auxiliary Group during campaigns of Algeria, French Morocco, Tunisa, Naples, Foggia and Rome. I came home on points in June of 1944. Ken Mansfield and Paul Dent were the surgeons and Herb Levine and I were the Surgical Tech's. While I don't remember Kay Driscoll personally, we surely served with her in Italy.

Today is my 88th birthday and would love to hear from anyone who has any interest in this short note.

Henry G Wellins

Dear Henry - many members of the Driscoll family and the group publishing the "Melrose Mirror" were delighted to read your e-mail indicating that you were part of the surgical group that went to Europe in September of 1942. Kay Driscoll was the oldest of our family of ten children, joined the Second Auxiliary in Naples, Italy 1944, and stayed with the team all the way through Europe until the war was over. She later married, had three children, lived in Fitchburg MA until her death a few years ago at the age of 85. She played a big part in a close knit family and was a delightful person.

You will be interested to know that the Kay's war experiences were published in the "Melrose Mirror" some years ago in an article by SilverStringer Don Norris, entitled the "The Kay Driscoll Bistany Story". If you would like to read it, simply click on the above title, which will bring up the original interview by Don.

Please drop me a note to let us know that you were able to read the story. Your team was certainly quite a group as I can personally attest. As you read the article, you'll find that I was able to catch up with Kay in Italy around July of 1944 and spend three days with the surgical "Mash" team just above Rome.

By the way, congratulations on your 88th birthday - it's great that you are using a computer and staying in touch with the world today.

Jim Driscoll

August 7, 2009

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