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Letters for August 2009

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Laurie is one of the Mirror's faithful followers, but even though her comments on the June issue were addressed to editor/writer Don Norris, they reflect on the entire organzation. So thank you, Laurie, from all the SilverStringers.

Dear Don,

I loved your photographs and captions for the Memorial Day parade in Melrose. You really captured that special feeling of pride we have for our very deserving veterans. Down here in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, the Blue Angels fly out of the Naval Academy on Memorial Day and the Academy holds its graduation on Memorial Day weekend.

On Memorial Day my memories take me back to my hometown of Randolph, Massachusetts where we enjoyed a Memorial Day parade with the same great feeling as the parade in Melrose. I recall marching in the parade with my high school drill team. Those were the days, my friend. I look forward to more of your great photos. Until next time ... Laurie - a reader in Birdland .

Here is a letter from a Spanish reader in Argentina, Carolina Henaín. We present it as received. Any of you Spanish readers can work it out and send us a fair translation.

Hola “Chicos” !!!!!!

Primero quiero felicitarlos porque el diario on-line esta genial. Mi nombre es Carolina y vivo en la Ciudad de Santo Tome, Argentina. Tengo 35 años, casada y cuatro niños, Maxi 10 años, Tomás 8, Pilar 4 y Morena 2. Y me dedico a dar clases de informática a la tercera edad, por eso, lo de hola CHICOS, porque yo a mis alumnos que tienen entre 80 y 95 años, les digo mis niñitos… y a raíz de leer su diario por Internet, estoy tratando de que mis alumnos se pongan las pilas y  hagan algo parecido a ustedes… les presente su diario on-line como ejemplo.

Me gustaría recibir de ustedes información acerca de la forma en que aprendieron informática, ya que hace poco empece con estos talleres y todo lo que he aprendido acerca de la tercera edad, es a fuerza de estudiar en Internet.

ADELANTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Son unos genios!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Subject: Where on earth are we today?

I believe this is a public pathway between W. Emerson St. across the street from "Dr. Solomon & Wright" which leads down to Ell Pond. The brown house looking toward W. Emerson is the dentist's office, I believe.

Am I correct?

Joyce Lamb, Fitch Home

You are correct, Joyce... and did you know that on West Emerson Street on the west side of this pathway is the former home of one of the celebrities of Melrose. Many years ago Geraldine Farrar, operatic singer, lived there.

For more information regarding Geraldine Farrar click here.

August 7, 2009

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