Oh Goodness, I'm lost again

... another in the exciting skein of "Where are we"  photos of Melrose

from Don Norris

You just know that we're digging deep into our own archives when, in the August issue of the Mirror, one sees leaves turning.

This pix should be pretty easy to locate, since every kid that ever spent any time in our Fair City has probably swom (swimmed, swam ...) in these waters. Of course it lost favor over the years as back-yard pools came into vogue, and the MDC told Mayor Lar Lloyd there was a need for a public pool in town, and they had a little extra cash left over ...

At one time this place became the favorite dumping place for stolen cars. This went on and on -- the thieves would strip a car and dump the chassis into the water -- after which the city would send divers to chain-up the wreck to a couple of tow trucks. Signs didn't help much. A nightly cruise-by of one of Melrose's finest, but they still caught no one.

Finally the city hauled in a big bunch of four-to-five foot diameter granite stones and blocked the vulnerable southern shore.

But the biggest activity in this pond (and the sister pond just to its north) is fishing -- usually by some poor dude from Mexico trying to keep his family fed. How about the city considering stocking this small pond, improve some of north embankment to halt eutrification, get Army engineers to suck out all the muck and mire on the bottom ...  

Anyway, email us about what this place is, where it is, and maybe some short piece on your personal experience here. Like swimming, making out, boozing it up ... and the idea of making this place usable and attractive once again.

As for Where We Are, this is Swains Pond, at the junction of two streets in the southeast corner of the city, ironically named Swains Pond Aveue and Swains Pond Avenue. Most of the property in that corner of town is under the aegis of the Melrose Conservation Commission.

August 7, 2009

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