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The Jim Crow...ley incident

... a poetic comment

by Russ Priestley

  Perhaps I should warn you, I've been thinking,
  So I make these statements without blinking.
  It's about our controversial national leader who
  butted in to our local police situation to
  divert attention from his shoving through
  his Healthcare plan, about which no one knew.

  There is one point everyone should know.
  He dealt with Jim Crowley, not Jim Crow.
  We're fed up with the 'race card' accusations
  Race cards are used in race track situations.

  The black president in a White House gave his view
  when a planted Rep requested that he so do.
  He shot an arrow in a manner not Cupid-ly,
  Because it was he who 'acted stupidly.'  


August 7, 2009

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