Random Thoughts

Visiting the library

... what a great staff!

by Carol Nelson

Photo by Louise Fennell

I was sitting outside the Melrose Library on a beautiful sunny day because the doors don't open until 10:00 a.m. It made a nice "space" for me to meditate, to think about what I need to do today, and to be aware of my surroundings. We enjoy a wonderful library! Beautifully landscaped, tastefully decorated, and chock-full of everything: computers, books, dvds, and more. In the fall the library will collect hats and mittens for those who need them. There are classes for teens and groups like the Melrose Human Rights Comission meet here. There is the Book Club, the latest newspapers and magazines. etc...

Across the street is the UU Church which radio star Garrison Keillor called the "Whatever Church." Bless them. (He also pokes fun at the Lutherans, saying that even the atheists in Minnesota are Lutheran. The Prairie Home Companion pokes fun at everyone. No one is spared.) The flag waves gracefully above the Rose of Sharon with it's white blossoms and the Hydrangia which always hang their heavy heads by this time of year. The sculpture of a sweet, genderless child sits on a bench engrossed in reading, rain or shine.

I usually go straight to the computers to work on whatever piece I am writing for The Melrose Mirror (like now.) I started a short first draft called "The One." It is predominantly about new love and  particulary about love between not one, but two, eighty-something couples I know well. Love holds such joy and promise and the intimacy of a "second self." Who knew there would be a prize here at the bottom of the Cracker Jacks box!

From time to time I have a list of things to Google, often the numbers of soldiers and innocents lost in our most recent wars: Five thousand (5,000) of our young men are gone. One million (1,000.000) citizens of Iraq are gone. Gone. Or I google someone famous who interests me, like Philip Glass who wrote: "I am a man walking down the road to nowhere. I am a man caught in a dream." for his opera about the A bomb. Believe it or not.

I check out the dvd section and select several. One is about the struggles of a Pakistani immigrant living very uncomfortably in New York City. I located a copy of the Koran to see what it is like and find it is like the Bible. Very like the Bible. The first few lines are the Our Father using only slightly different words. Both Jesus and his mother, Mary, are mentioned often.

Then I search for a book by Alain de Botton. I first read one of his witty books in Germany, years ago. I chose one called "The Art of Travel" which asserts that planning for a trip is much superior to actually TAKING one. In it he mentions the dictum: "If a man eats a toad in the morning he ensures that there will be no MORE disgusting happenings during the rest of the day." And so I have gotten a few necessary laughs, too. I borrowed both books.

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September 4, 2009

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