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Letters for September 2009

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This is a note from a classmate at Darien High School, Conn., class of 1952. Not only did he comment on my piece and others from the August issue, but also consented to add a brief bio to catch me up on 57 years of history!

from: Jay Byerley
to: John Averell

John, I, too, used to do the famous Tarzan call, though I think that I would never consider a performance in such a public place. On occasion when I was a guide on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, I would entertain the "peeps" with a rendition while in the Inner Gorge where the sound was wonderfully magnified. Even there, I am sure that my children might have reacted as did yours.

I'm glad that the journal has a disclaimer for the pitiful poem, "Jim Crow...ley".  

Our tomatoes are only fair, though the rest of the garden has been fine.  Now in the process of preparing a "lasagna" plot to plant berry vines next spring.

As to personal history, I am not sure that I have a good way to provide something brief enough. After graduation from DHS with you, I began a movement to the west with an eventual term of about eleven years in L.A., where I completed an M.A. in psychology at Pepperdine University. I then started to move back to the east with time in Arizona and here in Arkansas. This is my third time in this state where I am now quietly retired, caring for five acres and doing some volunteer work. Most of my career was in some area of "human services" with occasional periods of river running and fish guide service.  Married with children. The journey continues to be mysterious and wonderful!

Good days!  Jay [Byerley]

Our foreign correspondent from Pennsylvania sent the following note about one of her articles.
Hi folks

Not sure what  you all have been doing lately to spread the word about your great publications known as the Melrose Mirror. But here in Havertown I brag about you all of the time. Recently I was sitting in my front yard catching a breeze when a neighbor came over to chat. I was telling him about a story I had written about Russell the four legged Melrose resident. He went home and read the story. He said he was trapped for another hour reading. It just takes one look to get hooked!

Now do spread the word I know I do every chance I get. Eleanor Jenkins

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