Random Thoughts

What happened to summer?

... swiftly fly the days

by Shirley Rabb

Its not that I am forgetting things, I just canít remember where the seasons go. Here in New England we had the month of June when it rained part of every day. In July, if I remember, there were few 80 degree days and then August we had days of 90 degrees with heat and humidity that kept us in our homes with the fans and air conditioners running madly and the electric bill soaring.

I used to like summer when I was younger. I would lie on a chaise lounge in the sun with a hat on my head and a book in my lap. That seemed only a few years ago so when did the weather change to keep me indoors?  

As youngsters and teenagers we were enjoying the heat, the humidity and even the rain storms and now that is all gone. Where did it go?  What has changed the atmosphere in my life? Is it true that I am getting old at 76?

Willard Nelson is still showing pictures of people 100 plus years. I wonder if they still enjoy this weather where they live.

I like spring and fall the best. The colors of spring make things alive again after the harsh New England winters. Fall is bright with gold and reds and glorious oranges, and the weather is nice enough to walk in the park without mosquitoes and other flying things.

Is it the space ships or the debris on the moon? Or maybe the towers of smoke rising from the factories in China. Maybe it is the oh so many cars on the roads today.

I am sure there is a scientific answer for all of this.

I just know it is not because I am getting older.

September 4, 2009

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