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'My Dolls' Revisited

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Ann Robbins Talbot

In 2007 my writing group chose “dolls” for its December theme. This presented a problem for me because I had never played with dolls. For my trip to the hospital for the pre-school removal of my tonsils, I was given a doll dressed in pajamas and a bathrobe to keep me company. But she was never my playmate. I liked books and card games.

Somehow I was introduced to paper dolls. A flat cardboard doll with an elegant wardrobe appealed to me. I also like the mechanics of precisely cutting the clothes out with scissors and designing clothes. So I wrote a piece about my paper dolls.

My article was well-received by my writing group. Most had not shared my hobby, but agreed that it sounded like I had a good time with it. I took the chance of sending “My Dolls” to Melrose Mirror and the publishing staff accepted it for January 2008 (click here to see it.)

Fast forward to the spring of 2009. Madonna Dries Christensen was surfing the net to find articles for her anthology titled Dolls Remembered. She came upon my piece in the Melrose Mirror and contacted me for permission to use “My Dolls”. I was delighted. All royalties will go to Down Syndrome Association of Northern Virginia which is fine with me.

A few days ago I received an email from Madonna saying Dolls Remembered is in print. I clicked onto Amazon in a flash and I am now in possession of the book. I have thoroughly enjoyed the stories from a variety of authors and the entries from Madonna’s collection of  poems and snippets about dolls. Also quite interesting are the quick bios about the contributors. I mentioned Melrose Mirror in mine. If you have an interest in dolls or have a granddaughter with this hobby, check out Dolls Remembered by Madonna Dries Christensen.

There is no greater rush for me than seeing something I have written in print. And to see it on paper bound in a book is icing on the cake. You never can tell who is out there reading it.

September 4, 2009

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