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... "Cake or death?".. Eddy Izzard, Executive Transvestite and comedian -- 1990

by Carol Nelson

The other day when I was bobbing about in the YMCA pool I had a snippet of conversation with a woman who wanted to chat. She was very excited to tell me about the celebration she had with family members who were sending a young man off to Afghanistan. The treatment was royal by all accounts and it had been a grand send off. She chose to believe that it was all good and that this new soldier would one day return covered in glory -- not the flag. I chose to say nothing.

I don't know why he chose to put his life on the line. Perhaps it was patriotism, inability to find a job, inability to go to college. Some young men claim that it is for adventure, travel, or an education. Some want to make their parents proud of their son in uniform, like my brother, who went off to Vietnam. It could be that the young man received a phone call from a persistent recruiter, as my grandson did, daily.

When I first heard that the U.S. was contemplating war with a country that had nothing to do with 9/11, I told someone that I thought we should bomb them with bread. Maybe we would have saved a lot of money and made friends, instead of enemies, who I believe are increasing, daily.

When I chose to vote for Barack Obama it was because I felt he is a good man, highly intelligent, utterly qualified, and he had voted AGAINST war.

Eckhart Tolle, author of "A New Earth", says that our most important relationship is with THIS moment. You can choose what kind of relationship you want with the NOW. You can choose--that's what life is about.

My grandson is in his senior year of college and I am still waiting for the war to end. I choose to keep hoping.

October 2, 2009

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