My greatest joy

by Grace Allspach

This is my fervent prayer,
O, if the will be thine;
God grant that I may come to be,
A mother just like mine.

My Greatest Joy

In the slide rule of life,
I became a wife;
At a time I could not measure.
By inches and feet
I became complete;
Solved problems that led to much pleasure.

I multiplied by four, no less, no more;
To find my greatest joy,
With three adorable baby girls
And one precious baby boy.
I then divided my heart and gave,
To each an equal share.

This was so they would always know,
A motherís love is fair.

To this love I added the wisdom
That raised them through the years;
Subtracted the hurt and trouble,
The sorrow and the tears.

To sum it all up, I have filled my cup
Full of joy that is like no other;
For to reach the square root
All of my fruit, have made me
A happy Grandmother.

Mathematically and grammatically
I use this little ploy, to say
That having life and giving life
Has been my greatest joy.


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