Random Thoughts

Zeke meets Melrose

by Eleanor Jenkins

My daughter and her husband have a new dog named Zeke. He is getting acquainted with the streets of Melrose. I asked Steve if Zeke had met the skunks that Russell had an encounter with. He only laughed and told me this.

"Yes, Zeke has encountered both turkeys and skunks.  We see turkeys around the neighborhood.  He watches them, but doesnít seem at all that interested in them.  Neither afraid nor aggressive.  We do see skunks at night.  He will lunge toward a skunk, and the skunks we see are aggressive.  The skunks lunge back, and come right toward us.  They are not afraid of people or dogs.   We have seen them in yards, with plenty of room to maneuver and escape, but instead they will come after us.  I have to keep Zeke on a short leash at night and keep my ears focused.  I donít often smell them before I see them, but can usually hear them digging and rustling."

When Karen takes him for his morning walk, they meet with other friendly dogs for play time. Now Zeke is feeling very much at home in Melrose.   

October 2, 2009

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