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Do you dial your phone?

Eleanor Jenkins

We were told over and over again by the media, get cable or the box to keep your favorite programs televised at home. I had cable and wasn’t worried, but after many letters and phone calls from Verizon about their wonderful fios I decided I would give it a try. Well, I went to my handy dandy black phone, stuck my finger in the little hole for one, then another for 8, then another for the 0 another 0, you know the drill until I had DIALED all eleven numbers. Then placed my amplified receiver to my ear and waited. Well the phone rang and a voice said “if you are calling in response to an advertisement for Fios press one, if your are calling about a problem with your account or billing press two, if you would like the hear these choices again press three,” Since I had no buttons to push I waited, but that's all I heard for the next 15 minutes without stopping and no recognition that I didn’t have  a button to push. I will admit some companies still recognize the fact that there may be a few of us out here still using our faithful rotary phones, but Verizon who was originally Bell Telephone who suplied my rotary phone to my home, isn't one of them.
So I hung up the phone and went to my handy dandy cell phone and called again. This time I pushed the button for # 1 and the phrase was “if you are calling about the advertisement about fios press one, if you are calling from a rotary phone please stay on the line and someone will be with you shortly.
Now I ask you if  i was calling from a rotary phone how would I have gotten that message?
I did wait and another recorded message broke in to tell me how long the wait would be until some one would be with me. Then finally,a real person,  Patricia very pleasant and seemed to understand my problem with  the phone, but when I told her the reason for my call, she told me that I had the wrong department with my question and she would transfer my call to the appropriate department.
After a few rings, the transfer actually went back to "if you are calling about Fios press one, if you are calling about billing press two, if you would like to hear the choices again press three.
PS.  I dialed the original number the next morning and I  wasn’t told to press any buttons, nor ask for a department it was sent directly to the department I had talked to the day before, , but in the midst of the conversation the phone went dead.

Yesterday, my phone rang. When I said hello I heard a computerized message stating "this is an important message for Eleanor Jenkins. Please say yes or no if you are Eleanor Jenkins." I said yes. "For security purposes please state your date of birth." I said it. Then it said "I couldn't understand that, please touch in the numbers beginning with the month, date and year," there was a pause, "please put in the month, date and year." Another pause, "I am not understanding you I will transfer your call". There was another pause and a real person said "what is the purpose of your call". I had to tell her I hadn't called them they called me. She spent a few minutes searching her computer until she could find the purpose of the call.

Hmm! My sister in law had a lamp that was made out of an old candlestick phone that was used before the rotary phones when all calls were on a party line. Hmmm wonder what kind of lamp could be made from this phone, or perhaps my wall phone which is also a rotary phone.

So much for modern communication methods. I still like my rotary phone.  

October 2, 2009

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