I don't understand

... the human's language

by Casa

I have heard people talking about how they had a fall from a ladder, or a fall down the stairs. Now I hear the humans talking about the season of fall. What the heck is going on?

They talk about the colors changing and the flowers going to rest for the winter. When I look up from my “business” I can see the trees that are losing their leaves. I can hear the fallen leaves crunching under the human’s feet as we go for our walk. They keep pointing out the remaining leaves on the trees and how pretty they are, and the colors on the ground from the dropped leaves.

Now most of you must know that dogs are pretty much color blind so I can only listen and imagine what my parents see. But I do see plants that had some sort of flowers now only have twigs, or what appear to be buds going to seed. I think these plants still hold a beauty as they cling to the end of their season in the sun.

The weather is colder now and I see people with coats and hats where only a few weeks ago {in human time} it was tee shirts and sandals.

There is also the talk of autumn and that seems to mean the same thing as fall. How can people understand each other when they use the same word for so many things?

It is much easier just to woof, woof with my animal friends and we understand each other without having to figure out fall, autumn or any other human words. Just know that we do understand words like come, stay, and no.  These words cannot be changed from human voice to dog ears. We know the meaning of these words and most of the time we obey, but with a language so confusing if we don’t come, stay or roll over how can our parents scold us?


So if it is fall down the stairs, the ladder or the season of the year I think the stairs and ladder are not so good. This season seems so highly regarded here in New England, that even if I cannot see the colors I can understand the pleasure that the humans feel when this unusual phenomenon happens every year.

November 6, 2009

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