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The following letter from Sandy Geller of the Melrose Temple Beth Shalom is asking you all to write us anything you remember about the old Oak Manor on East Foster St, Melrose.

Hello all,
I just learned about you from Shirley Rabb and enjoyed browsing the articles. I have a question. I am a member of Temple Beth Shalom and have been for many years. My dad was the person who found out about the sale of the old Oak Manor in the 50's and was involved in our congregation's purchase of the building. I am interested in learning about the history of the building prior to our owning it. I have looked online and found nothing. I have heard that it was a dance hall and also a dancing school, but no one knows for sure. Can you help me find some history on the building? Thanks so much. I look forward to reading future editions.
Sincerely, Sandy Geller

November 6, 2009

This was formerly a dance hall. Yes, people used to go out dancing. My only experience in the use of the Oak Manor, as it was called, was in 1943. I was given ten days off by the Army Air Corps because I had completed the pilot training course. Our MHS Class of 1940 rented it for our first reunion because there just happened to be enough of us around at the time. It was well-attended considering the date.
Russ Priestley

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