Labor Day to May first

...it's my time now

by Casa

The signs are there declaring that there must be no dogs on the beach from May first till Labor Day. But now for 8 months (from Labor Day to May first) the beach is mine.

When my parents and I are living in Melrose we usually go to a place called Revere Beach.  It is not very far from our home and as we approach the area wrestling with traffic I get anxious because I can smell the salt air.

Now I know that I am supposed to be leashed even during this time but I usually am able to run unleashed.  Sometimes there are other dogs that are unleashed as well and we get along just fine. This is neutral territory, a place for us to be free after the season of summer when humans control this area.

Very often there are large birds that sit in clusters near the shore line.  As I approach them at great speed they lift themselves from the sand and fly away over the ocean.  How I wish I could do that too; just raise my head and body and catch a breeze to be able to follow the birds in flight.  But you all know I canít so I just run back and forth along the sand and into the water chasing them as they smile down at me.  They seem to be playing a game with me, like catch me if you can.

I must also tell you that when we are in Maine, I get to go to a beach there also.  This is called Wells Beach and a place called Drakeís Island is usually where I can stretch my legs and use my speed for a powerful exercise time.  There are the same birds here, as if they know where I am and they follow me.  The run and chase here are just like at Revere Beach, and I understand that although the water is a bit colder it is still the same Atlantic Ocean.

It is amazing that so much water and so much sand are available during this time of year just for dogs to play and exercise.

Although my exercise is vigorous my parents also partake of the area. They walk along the sand, picking up rocks and shells and keeping an eye on me. If I get too far out of sight I hear the whistle of one of my parents and I know that I better head back to their location.

On special days, humans call these high tide days, the waves are high and come crashing onto the sandy beach. I find this great fun just to run towards the approaching sea and feeling the cold salt water on my feet and belly.  What a joy to be so free in such a marvelous place.

It is a long time till May first and every chance I can get I will be running along the beaches, smelling the salt air, chasing the big birds and enjoying my life.

It really isnít too bad being a dog, at least not with the parents that I have.

If you have a dog make sure you get it to the beach sometime before May first.

Have happy days

December 4, 2009

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