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Home, home is now strange

(You may sing it if you like)

by Russ Priestley

Home,home on the plot
where the cost to live is a lot
and never is heard
an encouraging word
as we toil and sweat all for naught.

It's a site where cats fight at night
while dogs sit watching the sight
and resume barking all day,
One thing I will say...
they're just too busy to bite.

What's incessantly heard
is some discouraging word
on our failing economy.
That affects you and me,
To ignore that makes you a nerd.

Home, home on the plot
where the cost of living's a lot
Our Congress speaks in millions
with bailouts in trillions.
That's what Obama has wrought.

We are all being taken over,
whether Mom, Pop or Rover
are not safe in their beds.
And those with towels on their heads
will Jihad us until it's all over.

December 4, 2009

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