Random Thoughts

How will I get there?

... difficulties in getting there from here

by Eleanor Jenkins

An editorial in this morning's Boston Globe, December 21,2009, wrote about how seniors feel when they have to give up driving. I remember my father at the age of 82 complaining because he had to take an eye test to continue driving in New Jersey, so he gave up his license and felt completely isolated after that. There was local public bus service at that time, but nothing considered for the seniors.

Last March I was told I would not be able to drive for six months following my time in the hospital. The need for transportation to doctors' appointments, grocery shopping, even the ability to go to lunch on my own was no longer available. I felt trapped in my own home.

I had an aide coming to the house several days a week to help me and she drove me in my car to the doctors and grocery shopping, but having essentially a stranger operating my Honda could be very frustrating some times. It was worse than driving with my teenage daughters with their learning permits.

The time has passed and I did drive to the grocery store last week, my daughter accompanied me to be sure I remembered how to drive and park my car. Today with two feet of snow in front of my car, I don't plan to venture very far. Saturday, December 26, my son-in-law is packing all in his van to drive to Melrose for the holiday celebration. Like Greyhound says, I will leave the driving to him. Probably be another couple of weeks before the snow is all gone down here and I can get back on the road.

Do have a Happy Holiday everyone and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

January 1, 2010

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