Random Thoughts

Thoughts while shaving

... with a few 'nicks' in the process

by Jim Tierney

As any good husband will do, I occasionally throw a load of clothes in the washer, then in the dryer, and then I fold. When folding, I look for the label on the bath towels, the hand towels, and the washcloths so I can tuck the label IN, before I fold. Sometimes I have to turn the towel around several times to find the label and, if I’m watching TV, I may miss something on the TV, looking for the label. Why do I do that? Does anyone else do that? Every time I fold towels I do it and it could add up to hundreds of times before the towel wears out and is discarded. Can’t I just cut the label off when the towel is purchased? Maybe I’m still threatened by that label on mattresses with the message “DO NOT REMOVE UNDER PENALTY……”

Why do wives feel responsible for what husbands do or say? When getting dressed to go out for a dinner/show/, does your wife ever say to you "are you going to wear THAT?" When going out with people, or to a party, or visiting friends/relatives does your wife caution you about what you may say or do, depending on who's going to be there? Is it the mother instinct like she's caring for a child who still needs guidance? Do you ever tell your wife to change into something different, or to be careful what she says when you go out to meet people?

March 5, 2010

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