Random Thoughts

Poetry and people

... it's all about togetherness

by Carol Nelson

About a year ago I joined a Melrose Human Rights group and through them I  met some of the dearest people ever. This Human Rights organization helps people who are temporarily visiting in Melrose, to communicate. Visitors often need help with English and even though I am not a teacher a little friendly effort goes a long way.

At first we two met at the library and my new friend brought her husband who attends a Boston university.  We called him "the bridge" because he could also speak English and would often translate for us. My friend brought their little one and when not in school, an older child who attends school here in town.

I was invited to dinner. I reciprocated. In the summer we met at the school playground so that the little two year old could play while her father looked on. We shared ideas and thoughts, recipes and feelings, as well as words. I asked about her mother, so far away, and her mother asked about me. We have celebrated American holidays one after another. We laugh together always.

Now, we sometimes speak about poetry and because we both knit and sew, I wrote the following poem which my dear friend translated into Turkish.

                   I Am The Loom

              I knit my life as women do,

              Line by line and inch by inch.

              Row by row,

              I sew,

              Making of halves

              A whole.

                   Ben Dokuma Tezgahiyim

               Ben kadinlarin yaptigi gi bi,


               Sira sira, dizi dizi,

               Santim santim,


               Bir butunun yarisini



                              Translation by Ayse Sah

March 5, 2010

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