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Thoughts while shaving - #3

... I told her to get with the program ...

by Jim Tierney

Are you with the program? ... computer program, that is??…My daughter sent me an email that included “TeeHee”, indicating she was laughing. I told her to get with the program…it’s LOL (laughing out loud). I proceeded to educate her further with G2G-gotta go, B4N-bye for now, CYL-catch ya later, Zup-what’s up, BRB-be right back, AITR-adult in the room, AWESO-awesome…She was somewhat embarrassed by her FATHER trying to get her in the “loop”. What ever happened to complete words and complete sentences? ... How are they teaching basic English and writing in the schools today? Is there such a thing as the Palmer Method anymore? Teachers must get thoroughly frustrated…or ... maybe they now have the attitude, if you can’t fight them, join them…with RME-rolling my eyes.  

Remember when you were a kid and you were six, going on seven, even when you were six and one day? You couldn’t wait until you were older. The years went by so-o-o slowly. Getting out of the single numbers at ten seemed an eternity away and sweet sixteen is six more long years to go. AND to be old enough to drive and to vote and to the rite of passage of age 21 comes all too slowly. I don’t know when it begins that the years start to go by TOO fast and you’re not TOO anxious anymore to reach another birthday. Many of us, like Jack Benny, get stuck at 39 and won’t admit to anything older. Then, a strange thing happens! We begin to go back to our childhood thinking. “I’m 85 going on 86”…or ... ”guess how old I am?”... and, if you don’t guess much younger than they are, they are disappointed. We WANT to be older than we look. We are proud to beat the mortality tables and life expectancy…go figure.

June 4, 2010

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