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Ham-sah: I am that

... busy, busy

by Carol Nelson

At this time of year when my birthday collides with Chinese New Year (this is year of the Tiger) and other good stuff like Valentine's and dead president's, of Martin Luther King day and the new seed catalog, it is time for organizing, for summarizing and planning. Time for thanks, hope, joy and dreams. There's a lot going on for me.

I think about which type of tomato plant I will grow this year. Big Boy might be good. And what my new project will be .. usually collage work. I'd like to make a bridal gown using a zillion little white paper flowers to announce the coming of spring. I just finished reading "The Elegance of Hedgehogs" by Muriel Barbery that mentions Ozu, a Japanese film maker, so I am on the trail of his works.

Speaking of books, "Eat, Pray, Love" by wild and crazy Elizabeth Gilbert, was a fun travel book. In it I found a new mantra: "Ham-sah" (hahm-sah) which means: I am that. I use it when I am swimming each day at the YMCA making the swim itself a sort of meditation and giving it a rhythm. A beat that is in tune with my very breath.

The Open Mike event for February fell kerplunk on my birthday this year so I had a great time at the Beebe with some of the nicest, talented people! I shamelessly made a birthday cake appear out of a grocery bag and we all made it disappear! MAGIC!

Life is good and busy and full. And it's almost SPRING!

April 2, 2010

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