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Melrose Mirror readers

... an invitation to Melrose Mirror readers.

by Ed Boyd

As an editor for the Melrose Mirror, I check into www.statcounter.com every once in a while and find that from March 4 through March 11, 8 days, we had 4,147 page loads. This means the amount of persons who visited the Melrose Mirror. The daily average is 518 visits per person. This is an example of what Statcounter reports for a week which is very comparable to the number of visits at other times.

When I look into the detail I find that 50% spend less than 5 seconds on the Melrose Mirror, a sign of disinterest. This means that of the 4,000 page loads this leaves 2,000 that might express some interest in the Melrose Mirror. A circle graph shows 12.1%, 30 seconds to five minutes, 9.1%, 5 minutes to 20 minutes, 3.0% 20 minutes to an hour and 18.2% spend longer that an hour on the Melrose Mirror. There is little question that a lot of people out there are closely following the articles we place in the Melrose Mirror.

Of special interest to us as editors of the Melrose Mirror is that seldom do we hear from those that do follow our work. We have made a strong effort to keep readers informed by placing a "Who We Are" in the upper left corner on the front page of the Melrose Mirror. On the bottom of that page we invite readers to get in touch with us.   

Recently, we began a new feature that identifies those who do write to us. This has had the effect of having readers comment on the writing and content more than has been the custom. We are very hopeful that you will continue to give us feedback that editors yearn to hear.

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