Close-up of girls' finals at Boston Garden

... they reached the summit, but, in the end, we lost to Oliver Ames High

photos by Don Norris

Boston Garden, or call it the new TDGarden, it is the home of such heroes as the Bruins and the Celtics -- but now featuring the Melrose Division 2-North champions, in their pre-game warm-up. At stake on Tuesday evening, March 10, was essentially the Massachusetts state title.

Thirteen dollars was okay, except we lost.

Annmarie Wiesen (34) gets bumped by the opposing guard -- who is over six feet and a few muscles heavier. That's the way it was, lots of six-footers, versus Melrose. It's like, May the tallest team win. At the right is five-foot-three Lia Limone, gathering points from the outside.

All the Melrose girls played a strong game, but at times there was no place to go. In this pix, Siena Mamayek (42) finds the only out is to a covered Annmarie Wiesen (34).

Hannah Brickley, the MHS high scorer, goes for a sweep -- only to run into a battery of white uniforms. Oliver Ames was not only aggressive but it appears they had done an outstanding job in scouting the Melrose talent.

It was the same for all the Melrose forwards -- Laura Irwin is stuffed by the Ames' defense.

Colleen Hanscom (14) tries the right side ...

Just as clean as pickin' Hannah's pocket...

Impenetrable -- well, almost. The three Melrose players are Laura Irwin (31), Hannah Brickley (5) and Amanda Peters (22).

The back-ups, the bench, the reserves -- perhaps next year's heroes.

A rare scene of Hannah getting a clean shot -- for two. The Lady Raiders stayed within reach until the fourth period;  Oliver Ames' Tigers won, 60-46.

April 2, 2010

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